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About Us

     The Rubin jeweller's shop has for 35 years now been renowned for it's jewelry of singular quality and it's great varirty of exceptional gift artcles.
      In keeping with this long-established tradition we are aiming at an even higher quality of the goods on offer and even more professional service to our customers.
     Our true asset is the largest assortment of silver plated goods in Poland - about one thousand patterns. They are all items intended for noth household and personal use and include mgoods such as trays, candles, photo frame, jewelery boxes, sugar bowls, baskets, wine holders, bowls, chees servers, ice buckets, clocks, butter dish, jam dish, vases, cristal items.
     We sell too, gold and silver jewellery with gems such as anber, coral and garnet as well as some other gift items e.g. cutlery and watches.

     We hope that this offer with its variety and high quality of products will enable everyone to find here something suitable for any occasion.

     Visting RUBIN you will save TIME needed to find a suitable gift and, owing to competitive prices, you will also save MONEY.

     You are warmly welcome at 27/35 Marszałkowska street in Plac Zbawiciela, opposite the Luna cinema, from Monday to Friday from 11 am till 19 pm and on Saturdays from 10:30 am till 2 pm.
Phone number 825 23 51. The store can be reached with trams 4, 10, 14,18,35,36.